Earlier Novels

From Thatcherite Britain to the workhouse, through unemployment and homelessness, my early novels chart the conflicts and challenges faced by women in a changing world.

Under A Thin Moon

Under A Thin Moon is available from Amazon.

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Wanda, Laurie, Coral and Val all live on a council estate in Thatcher’s Britain. 

Their interwoven stories portray an image of life on the margins and the struggle to survive.

‘Achieves the difficult feat of getting inside the heads of people so overlooked by society that their sense of their own identities is dwindling’

Times Literary Supplement

One of the few English novels to tackle issues such as money, class and power head-on.’ 

D J Taylor

Winner of the Arthur Welton First Novel Award

Their Angel Reach

Their Angel Reach is available from Amazon.

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A novel in five parts tracing the social connections between five women in the same northern village,  who battle against the odds with humour and creativity to retain a sense of identity and purpose.

‘Michael is rare in taking on the ethical gravity of evil, turning it over and over in her stony prose…What more can we ask for in our fiction writers than such honesty, such fierceness…’ 

Natasha Walter, 

Independent Books of the year.

Livi Michael has her own unique vision: she can see in the darkness.’ 

Literary Review

All The Dark Air

All The Dark Air is available from Amazon.

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Julie has always loved Mick, enough to follow him into homelessness, but not enough to let him destroy her completely. 

Caught between politics and mysticism Julie has to find her own path to salvation.

Livi Michael takes the shoddiness of the world and transmutes it into grace…I cried. The book is not even dismal. I laughed too,’ 

Fay Weldon

A remarkable novel…a gripping, heart-rending, very touching story.’ 

Margaret Drabble

Winner of a Society of Authors Award

Shortlisted for the MIND Award


Inheritance is available from Amazon.

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Louise’s quest to find out about her great-aunt becomes an investigation into the dark secrets of her family and of the workhouse.

Moving between turn of the century Manchester and the Peak District of today Inheritance tells a story of legacy and connection.

Inheritance is full of glittering revelation… giving ordinary things and ordinary life an unexpected lustre…’

Literary Review

‘A carefully wrought meditation on transience and survival,’

The Times Literary Supplement