Sky Wolves

Sky Wolves is a book for children aged 10 – 14. Like Frank and the Black Hamster of Narkiz, Sky Wolves is a comic fantasy about animals, based around another of my pets. My little dog Jenny turned up at my house one morning and no one knew where she came from, so this is a story about where she might have come from!

In Sky Wolves, Jenny comes all the way from another world to Sam’s house, bringing with her a small mistletoe twig. This twig is actually the key to preventing the destruction of the universe, but unfortunately, Jenny has forgotten what it is. Only when a huge wolf shows up in Sam’s kitchen, eyes glaring fire and jaws dripping electric drool, does Jenny begin to realise the true nature of her quest. But can Jenny and her doggy friends, Gentleman Jim, Boris, Checkers, Pico and Flo, travel through different worlds in time to save the universe?


Sky Wolves jacket

Published by:
Puffin Books
March 2008

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