Frank And The Black Hamster Of Narkiz

Most hamsters are gentle, timid creatures, easily tamed and happy to be left alone to the care and upkeep of their cages. But Frank is different. Frank is a hamster with a mission and a motto. His motto is “Courage!” and in the first book of the series, Frank needs all the courage he can get, when he escapes from his cage and travels beneath the floorboards of his house. It is there, in the Spaces Between, that he first hears the call of the mysterious being known as the Black Hamster of Narkiz

Frank and the Black Hamster of Narkiz was shortlisted for the Banford-Boase Award.

Frank The Hamster Books


Frank and the Black Hamster of Narkiz cover

Suitable for:
Ages 7 to 11
Published by:
Puffin Books


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